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Media Coverage

Posted By christina On October 2, 2019

eSchoolNews: Three Key Trends in Robotics Education

eSchoolsNews describes how spending on K-12 robotics is expected to more than quadruple in the next four years and the reason why. The article (including KIBO!) continues:

“K-12 educators turn to robotics as a way to get students excited about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) education. Worldwide, schools spent $146.5 million on robotics products and curricula in 2018, and this figure is expected to grow annually by 28 percent through 2023, reaching $640.5 million by that time. 

Educators are finding that robotics is a great way to introduce STEAM skills and concepts to students of all ages. Robotics helps bring STEAM concepts to life through engaging, hands-on learning opportunities. Students enjoy being creative, and building and programming their own robot to do simple tasks allows them to flex their creative muscles. Along the way, students are learning key concepts in math, physics, coding, and engineering, and they’re seeing how these principles apply within real-world scenarios—so their learning is more likely to stick.

But even if students have no interest in an engineering or coding career, robotics teaches them essential skills that are broadly applicable. Designing, building, and programming robots helps students learn logic, problem solving, perseverance, computational thinking, and a host of other skills that are invaluable regardless of what career path they choose.”

3 Trends in Robotics Education

  1. Robotics instruction is now reaching early learners
  2. Companies are trying to make robotics as accessible as possible for students—and teachers
  3. New programs aim to reach underrepresented populations such as girls and minorities.

See the full article here.

Posted By christina On September 20, 2019

Getting Smart: Futureproof Your Students with These Essential Skills for 2030

In this Getting Smart article, the author describes some of the tech skills that today’s students will need for tomorrow and what educators need to prepare students for whatever future lies ahead for them. “By focusing on the basics and helping them understand the fundamental ideas underlying the technology available today, we can provide them Read More

Posted By christina On August 28, 2019

Robotics Business Review: Back to School: STEM’s Impact on Developing Future Roboticists

This article discusses the state of STEM and robotics in today’s schools. Educators continue to stress bringing robots and robot education into classrooms, but unfortunately for many students, robotics programs and curricula vary across school districts, often heavily dependent on gender, socio-economic conditions, and even racial demographics. Robotics Business review sits down and interview’s Steve Read More

Posted By christina On August 15, 2019

Tech & Learning: Best of Show at ISTE

We are thrilled to learn that KIBO was included in Tech & Learning’s awards program that honors nominated products at the annual ISTE conference that took place in June 2019. KIBO was one of the products selected by an anonymous panel of educator judges, who scoured the exhibit hall floor during the conference in Philadelphia. Read More

Posted By christina On August 13, 2019

The Toy Book: Breaking Down the ABCs of Toys

In this article, Dr. Marina Bers, our co-founder and Chief Scientist was interviewed to discuss the importance of STEM toys. The article goes on to read in part: No doubt, STEM-labeling is a magnet for today’s consumers. But calling a toy “STEM” is no more a guarantee that it’s good for children than plopping the Read More