Purdue University: 2023 Inspire Engineering Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Look to the 2023 Purdue Inspire Engineering Gift Guide, which includes only extensively reviewed products to ensure thoughtful, engineering-inspired holiday presents. The KIBO robot is one of the top 5 reviewed gifts!

Engineering Gift Guide Seal

The Inspire Engineering Gift Guide is vetted through the faculty with the Purdue University School of Engineering Education and their dedicated INSPIRE Student Research Team. They search for and evaluate items that promote various engineering practices ranging from coding and spatial reasoning to problem solving and critical thinking. All products are put through an extensive review process.

This annual gift guide has helps parents and caregivers to choose thoughtful, engineering-inspired holiday presents that encourage kids to design, build, code, play, and discover how things work.

About KIBO, one reviewer said:

“With our world becoming more and more reliant on computers, give a child you love a head start with KIBO 15 STEAM Robot by Kinderlab Robotics Inc. KIBO is a screenless toy that uses infrared scanners and bar codes on physical blocks to code a robot that can listen for noise, move, and even put on a light show. Teaching basic sensor use and block programming to children as young as four, KIBO is a fantastic head start to programming that will grow with the children in your life. Practice coding skills, iterative design, and problem-solving with KIBO.” ― Erica Corbeels, Purdue Reviewer

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