eSchoolNews: 3 Activities That Will Turn Classroom Robots into SEL Power Tools

In this eSchoolNews article, Kimbery Fogerty, a makerspace educator, describes using KIBO robots not only for STEAM lessons, but also for SEL. Kim explains how she blends the two in some of her favorite activities.

She states:
“A robot is the single most engaging learning tool I’ve used with students. It appeals to children of all ages, genders, and backgrounds—and it goes beyond technology to include so many learning goals. In fact, when I was at the pre-K-8 Park School, I considered it one of the most important social-emotional learning tools I’ve used.”

Dive into the activities she provides when using KIBO:
1) Using Simple Challenges to Inspire Complex Social Interactions
2) Discovering the Engineering Design Process through Dragon Dancing
3) Looking to Books—and the World Around You!—for Your Own Design Challenges
and a bonus…
4) The Motivation of Being the Boss

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