Pahrump Valley Times: Manse One of Three Nevada Schools to get Navarro STEM Grant

In this news report, they describe how Pahrump Valley’s Manse Elementary School in NV was able to secure a grant to obtain STEM/STEAM solutions, including the KIBO robot!

The won a grant through Navarro Research and Engineering Inc.’s Community Commitment Grants Program which provides funds to schools that can then utilize that money to bolster their STEM curriculum. 

The article reads in part:

“Manse Elementary will be using its grant funding to establish a second dedicated STEM class which will incorporate materials from Hand2Mind and Kinderlab Robotics.

Manse educator, Jeanette Ogden remarked, “I feel strongly that, long-term, this STEM class will provide students with real-world skills like critical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork that are necessary to become successful in any career field or life situation. Thank you to Navarro for supporting our vision.”

DOE Office of Environmental Management Nevada Program Manager Robert Boehlecke added that these grants represent a valuable investment in that they, “…will help open the door to potential future career opportunities at the NNSS for local young people.””

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