KIBO Coding Robots for the Classroom

Engaging today’s students requires more than a tablet and a mouse. Devices and screen-time don’t have to be the only way. Bring screen-free KIBO coding robots into your classroom.

Coding Robots for the Classroom


gravitate to KIBO classroom robotics kits for new adventures every day...

Students gravitate to KIBO for new adventures every day. With learning enhanced by play and creativity, using KIBO fosters imagination, ingenuity, and independence. Your students walk away with so more than just coding basics. KIBO shapes a child into who they will become.


gravitate to KIBO for the infinite possibilities...

Educators gravitate to KIBO for the infinite possibilities. Not only does it help to facilitate lesson plans with hours of standardized-aligned curriculum, but it is easy to learn and use (for the kids too!). Educators see the learning happening and connect with their students in an authentic way that sitting in front of a computer never could.

KIBO Lego Adventure Image

Easy, Effective, and Engaging

KIBO is a fun and engaging way for students from PreK through Elementary to bring their learning to life while offering young learners with a playful opportunity to acquire computational skills, while developing problem solving skills and logic, and implementing the engineering design process.

And unlike other coding and classroom robotics kit or online apps, KIBO’s creative platforms encourage artistic expression, communication, and hands-on learning that is critical for today’s young students. 

Learning with KIBO is synonymous with excitement, curiosity, and exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. KIBO offers collaboration, computational thinking, CS learning and more!

One day KIBO is helping students learn geometry and shapes, the next day it’s an interactive geography lesson. Bring research backed coding robots for the classroom to your young learners to reinforce your teaching.

Kids Using KIBOs Sensors Image

KIBO Grows with Your Students

Teachers and administrators appreciate the longevity of KIBO. With cumulative lesson plans, out-of-the-box and ready-to-use curricula, activities, KIBO builds on skillsets year after year. 

From the very basics of coding and programming to performing repeats and loops, KIBO is more than just an investment in a child’s education – it nurtures the whole child and affords individualism, social interaction, while developing their STEAM skillset.

Integrate KIBO with Any Curriculum

Educators have used classroom robotics kits to break down complex subject matters, inspire children to use critical thinking and their own imagination, and challenge themselves resulting in pride of their achievements.

KIBO can be integrated into existing curriculum or classroom projects, such as literacy, social studies, science, math and art curricula. Easy to implement lesson plans and fun play-based activities  build students’ basic engineering and programming skills.

The KIBO robot decorated as a car image

Get started today! Use coding robots for the classroom!