KOLO 8 ABC News: PBS Reno Teaching Kids STEAM Through a Robotics Program

Joy Foremaster from PBS Reno was featured on KOLO 8 ABC News describing their Curiosity Classroom Program and their use of KIBO throughout Nevada in their community outreach programs. During this program they sharing STEAM robotics to young ones that might not otherwise have access. “Let’s get these robots in these little guys’ hands as an introduction to them.”

“PBS Reno is introducing playful and fun activities to elementary school students all while teaching them the basics of robotics. It’s done completely screen-free. PBS Reno and KinderLab Robotics have partnered together to teach STEAM and coding lessons.

This program has served over 25,000 students since 2021 in seven different counties in northern Nevada. Being screen-free allows for every student to be included, whether or not they have technology at their school.

From preschool to fourth grade, this robotics curriculum gives kids an opportunity to get creative and use problem-solving skills. Every student gets their hands on their robot while they learn coding, sequencing, and sensors.

PBS Reno shared that besides the kids learning through play, their lessons meet state standards.

“We saw that robotics was big in the middle schools and high schools, but there was nothing at the little elementary level, the beginner level. That’s where we found we fit in. We already go into classrooms and do other workshops with those pre-k through fourth graders. We already have that connection, let’s get these robots in these little guys’ hands as an introduction to them,” Joy Foremaster, Director of Education said.

Each workshop goes from 45 minutes to an hour. The program has been in over 250 classrooms this year alone. They expect to have up to 900 visits by the end of the school year.”

Watch the news segment.