Wanderful Memories: Robot Fun – Exploring With KIBO

Wanderful Memories took the time over the holiday season to review KIBO and provided this blog and a series of videos their 3 children using the robot.

Their review concluded:

We LOVED it!! As creative as the boys are and something different for them to do, we highly recommend KIBO. It is so nice to see them build and explore something that is not centered around a tv or phone. And, it gets the boys to work together. A little bickering here and there on who gets to go next on coding a command, but in general they like to see what the other can create. If you are looking for something that is educational and FUN for a rainy day this summer or maybe you need a creative idea for a birthday gift…. invest in a KIBO!

See the full blog article, review and video!

Be sure to wait for the kitty chasing the ball from the Free Throw!

Wanderful memories