ISTE: 6 Reasons for Coding in K-5 Classrooms

In this ISTE blog discusses reasons to start coding early. We couldn’t agree more! 6 Reasons include:
1. It sparks interest
2. It opens up a new domain of knowledge
3. It addresses the gender gap
4. It leverages the magical power of parents
5. It provides momentum for CS curriculum
6. It helps students address the ISTE Standards for Students*

* KIBO’s 60-hour K-2 core curriculum Growing with KIBO aligns to ISTE Standards for Students.

Also included is a video of a presentation by Keri Gritt, a technology coordinator from St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School in VA, where she discusses the importance children being taught to code in kindergarten, about the same time they learn basic reading and writing skills. One of the solutions she uses for early learning coding is KIBO!