eSchoolNews: 55 back-to-school tips and insights for a great year

eSchoolNews shares expert advice to make your back-to-school efforts successful! One of the experts is Dr. Melissa Bradex, Wasco Union Elementary School District‘s Instructional Technology Specialist, shares her insight on using KIBO in the new year. Melissa says:

“Last spring, we came across a STEAM robot solution which provides early learning coding opportunities for elementary students. Older children have access to these solutions, so why not offer the opportunity for young learners? It is important to get students exposed to coding and robotics early so it will be natural to them once they get to middle school and beyond. Knowing the importance, we were able to secure funding through the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP) to bring the screen-free KIBO robot to our students. Initially my teachers were intimidated and unsure of how to teach coding and robotics, but with training and some fun curriculum to follow, we were able to get going through our summer program with our TK, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grades. Within 5 days, everyone just loved KIBO—students and teachers! Incorporating artwork (creating robot zoo animals), creating programming sequences, coding, and physical movement (the “KIBO Hokey Pokey”): the kids and their educators just got it. They were coding, collaborating, and creating. From that success over the summer, our goal now is to expand its use further. Our plan for the new school year is to bring KIBO to every elementary school in the district for our after-school enrichment programs, to encourage coding, computational thinking, and problem-solving. We are excited to expose our students to all that coding and robotics can offer, and encourage project-based, active learning.”

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