eSchoolNews: 5 Ways We’ve Integrated STEAM Education into Storytelling

In this eSchoolNews article the amazingly creative Cate Heroman from the Knock Knock Children’s Museum in Baton Rouge, LA describes how STEAM concepts are embedded in all they do – including using KIBO to bring Fairy Tale Stories to life.

The article reads in part, “At the museum, we mesh storytelling with technology by teaching children as young as three how to program robots and use other tech tools that help them create a narrative. We offer a variety of robots to meet the developmental needs of our visitors. If there’s a story behind a concept, kids get it. They listen to stories every day. Logic comes easily when there are characters, a conflict, and a resolution.”

“Young learners are more likely to successfully engage in a new concept if it’s tied into something they are already familiar with. For our “Fairy Tale Tech” experience at the Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire, children’s favorite fairytale came to life when we invited them to create their own characters using open-ended craft materials and cardboard tubes. They attached their fairytale characters to one of our KIBO robots and taught them how to program the robot to move, shake, dance, and sing. They could also take their character to a stop-motion animation station, to create a short movie of their story.”

Read the full story here.