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Real activities. Authentic interactions. Beneficial learning. See KIBO come to life in classrooms, museums, at home, in libraries and wherever kids want to be kids.

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Explore. Design your own world. Problem-solve. Take charge. Collaborate. Forge your own path. Innovate. Tell stories. Change things up. Make it your own. See how others have used the little educational robot in their learning.

This isn't an online simulation. It's real.

Take back teaching and learning by bringing lesson plans and curriculum to life with educational robots.

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What Will the KIBO Educational Robot Become Today?

Introduce the wow factor with intriguing ideas that help young learners develop much more than just coding skills – they develop a sense of self with learning robots. Through cause and effect, they figure things out. They make mistakes and then make them right. They ask questions. And learn from peers. Best of all enjoy their time with KIBO and look forward to every interaction.

Bring on the smiles! Look around at all the ways others have put KIBO into action!