Daddy Mojo: KIBO 10 Home Edition, Go-to Coding at Home for Ages 4-7

In this review, Daddy Mojo found that KIBO is a screen-free computing toy that parents of young ones should check out.

About KIBO
“[KIBO is a] screen-free way to hardwire young children the basics of computer language. For the really young learners, coding is about teaching their mind a different way to think. As a hands-on tool, the KIBO device is as good as it gets for this age.

What the KIBO 10 Home Edition or the KIBO 15 Home Edition do so well is that they make coding into a movable, engaging, and screen-free activity that kids four through seven can do. It is simple enough for them to use it by themselves.

This is a computer. It’s an active, moving computer that will teach your kids the way computers think and how they can make them do what they want them to do. Plus, kids will love it. The add-ons allow KIBO to have a face, listen, or light up when the kids allow it to. It’s as creative as the user sees fit and wants to make it appear.

If you’re the parent of a young child and thinking about a ‘computer tool’ this needs to be on your radar.”

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