Coding Robots Repair & Technical Support

We know that we all get a bit tired here and there, and so does KIBO! We are pleased to offer our customers coding robots repair and technical support!

Need Help?

If you experience technical difficulties not answered below, please get in touch!

If KIBO is no longer moving and shaking as it should be, we can help!

Some common questions relate to the below topics:

Motors & Wheels

"KIBO is going in the wrong direction!"

We sometimes hear that KIBO is going in the wrong direction (e.g., the command is to go forward, and KIBO is going backward or turning right or left).

There is one simple thing to check first. Turn KIBO upside down. Are both of the two Motor Modules’ green dots showing through KIBO’s transparent bottom? If not, that could explain why KIBO is acting opposite of its commands. Simply pull the Motor Module out, turn it over, and re-insert it so the green dot is visible through KIBO’s transparent bottom.

KIBO Motor with Green Dot Image


"KIBO is just not working!"

Batteries will eventually lose their charge after some time; how much time will depend on how often you’re using your KIBO, and what kinds of programs KIBO is running (programs with a lot of motion will use up batteries more quickly). We’ve found that a fresh set of batteries generally last for one to two months of normal classroom use.

If the red scanner light is not blinking, the first thing to try is to remove and replace one battery. This may bring KIBO back to life. If not, the batteries may need to be replaced. We recommend Duracell AA alkaline batteries.

Insert Battery into KIBO Image

Scanning & Programming

"KIBO won't scan!

First, make sure the red scanner light on the front of KIBO is flashing steadily. If not, tap the green triangle button on KIBO’s top.

To scan, hold KIBO 2–4 inches (5-10 cm) away from the programming block. Shine the red scanner light onto the bar code. It’s ok if the scanner light is “bigger” than the bar code. If KIBO won’t scan, try changing KIBO’s position slightly. Move it a little closer or farther away from the block and try changing the angle a little bit. If there is lots of overhead lighting, try moving to a slightly darker location, or try scanning from the side, instead of the top. Our video demonstrating scanning might help too.

A few years ago we upgraded our programming block stickers and parameters with an improved bar code “language” with a larger bar code area than the old stickers. As a result of these changes, scanning a KIBO program is significantly easier, faster and more responsive when using these new stickers, which we know students (and their adults) will enjoy! If you don’t have the new stickers and parameters, they can be ordered on our online store.

If you are still having difficulty with scanning, please email and we can help answer your scanning questions.

Teacher and Student Scanning with KIBO Image

Cleaning Protocol

Recommended cleaning protocol to sanitize your KIBO and its parts

  • Create a 2% bleach solution (4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water, or 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) bleach per gallon of water).
  • Wet a soft cloth with the bleach solution.
  • Rub the outside of the KIBO robot and all component parts (blocks, modules, white boards, art stages, etc.) with the wet cloth.
  • Allow to air dry. Do not rinse off.
Note: Do not immerse your KIBO or parts in water or any liquid solution. Use unexpired household bleach at the recommended concentration.

Our Warranty

What is your warranty?

We offer a 6 month warranty on the KIBO robot and its parts. We test every robot and component before it leaves our factory, but sometimes issues do arise. If you are unsatisfied in any way, please contact support for assistance or any questions you may have.

KIBO Fix-It Shop

"Can I send KIBO in for repair?"

Yes! Sometimes KIBO needs to come back to the shop to get going again. We charge a flat fee of $86 (including one-way shipping back to you for domestic orders) for this service if your 6 month warranty has expired. Please email support and describe the problem you’re having. We might be able to help you without going through the coding robots repair process. If you do send your robot back to us, we will evaluate it and determine whether it can be repaired. If so we will repair it; if not, we will replace it.


I need more information. Can someone help?

We are here to help! Email or call 781-894-4022.

Other ways we can help:

  • Should you need to update your firmware, please visit the firmware update page. You will need a USB A-to-B cable to do this. If you aren’t sure you have the right type of USB cable, please see this example, where you can also purchase it if needed.
  • If you have lost track of the Quick Start Guide that was shipped with your KIBO, download a copy of the Quick Start Guide.

Regulatory Information

For batch / lot manufacturing information, please contact us at or call 781-894-4022 with your KIBO’s serial number. The serial number can be found on the sticker on the inside cover of KIBO’s battery case.