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eSchoolNews: Innovations in Education Podcast – Robotics Plays a Key Role in Early STEM Education

Jason Innes, our Director of Curriculum, Training and Product Developement, met with eSchoolNews’ Kevin Hogan and was interviewed in the Innovations in Education podcast. Jason describes how hands-on robotics can, and should, be introduced early to develop computational thinking, SEL, and more!

Jason explains how robotics offers the perfect way for young learners to develop critical higher-order skills and why robotics is an excellent way to introduce young learners to coding, computational thinking, and design principles, even for the youngest students.

Listen to the podcast!


ZDNET: The Best Robot Toys for Kids

The KIBO robot is included as one of ZDNET‘s best robot toys for kids! The author researched STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) kits and toys that can ignite a

SmartBrief: You Can’t Teach Robotics without SEL

Two of our KIBO Ambassadors, Megan Bounit and Barbara Tennyson, feature KIBO in this SmartBrief article about how students can learn social-emotional skills and STEAM concepts at the same time.

Try Engineering: The Best STEM Toys

KIBO is included in IEEE’s Try Engineering list of “Best STEM Toys”. We are honored as we were reviewed by the writer and approved her three children! The article reads in

Nature: Coding for Kids – Books in Brief

Nature reviewed our co-founder and chief scientist Marina Bers’ new book, Beyond Coding – How Children Learn Human Values through Programming and included the book in a round up of

AI: Top 10 AI and Robotics EdTech Companies

KinderLab Robotics is thrilled to be listed as 1 of 10 companies that are key players in the EdTech industry and transforming the way young people learn. EdTech enables teachers

eSchoolNews: 4 Education Predictions for 2022

Carmelo Piazza, Executive Director/Educational Director of the Brooklyn Preschool of Science and a KIBO Ambassador, shares 4 ways he predicts education changing for the better in 2022. The article reads

NPR: Teaching Matters – Science and Imagination

In this NPR Podcast, Carmello Piazza, the Executive Director and Education Director at the Brooklyn Preschool of Science discusses his approach of inspiring his learners. In addition to using the

Edutopia: Screen-Free Computational Thinking

In this article, the author describes the various benefits of screen free programming for elementary students, where they can learn logic through collaborative physical activities, and not on a laptop

EdTech Digest: Cool Tools – KIBO

Learn more about the screen-free KIBO robot in this Cool Tool Write-up on EdTech Digest! About KIBO “After this difficult year, age-appropriate, cross-curricular tools and resources have never been more

Learning Counsel: App of the Week – KIBO

The Learning Counsel chose KIBO as the App of the Week! About KIBO: the playful, creative screen-free STEAM coding robot for 4-7 year-olds “KinderLab Robotics’ KIBO STEAM coding robot kit

eSchoolNews: Teaching preschoolers to love STEAM

In this eSchoolNews article, the team at Brooklyn Preschool of Science describes how they use KIBO within their centers. The preschool believes in hands-on learning, rooted in inquiry and discovery.

eSchoolNews: 29 K-12 EdTech Predictions for 2021

eSchoolNews asked edtech executives, stakeholders, and experts to share some of their thoughts and predictions about where they think edtech is headed in 2021. Kinderlab is included in the discussion,

This Mama Loves: Gift Ideas for Kids

This Mama Loves includes the KIBO Robot in this years gift guide. Kids are full of so much wonder and awe of everything around them and when opening a gift

SC Living: Technology for the Holidays

SC Living provides its 4 choices for technology gifts to give for the holodays, including the KIBO robot kit! About KIBO: “Give the gift of innovative fun with the KIBO

Medium: The Best Gifts for Everyone in 2020

In this Medium Gift Guide “The Best Gifts for Everyone in 2020”, they list the best of the best holiday gifts for families, kids who crave the hottest toys, and

Finding Debra: Gifts for Kids 2020

Finding Debra checked out the KIBO Home Edition and included it in the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids. About KIBO KIBO HOME EDITION ROBOT KIT: SCREEN-FREE CREATIVE CODING KIT

Language Magazine: ISTE Playground

With the ISTE Conference postponed, Language Magazine put together a virtual playground of edtech products to review. The KinderLab mention includes details on the 3-Month rental KIBO Home Robotics Course..

Thrive Global: Start with a Strong, Clear Vision

As a part of the series about “Lessons From Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech,” KinderLab’s co-founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Marina Umaschi Bers, was interviewed. Some highlights from the

SmartBrief: Connecting STEM and Ethics

In this article, SmartBrief sat down with Mitch Rosenberg, KinderLab’s CEO to discuss STEM, technology and Ethics. The article reads in part: Schools around the country are expanding programs with

Noggin: Yes, Your Kid Can Code!

In this Noggin article, our co-founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Marina Umanschi Bers, describes that coding isn’t just a STEM skill; it’s about playgrounds and literacy.  The article reads in

eSchoolNews: Using Robots to Bring Science to Life

In this eSchoolNews article, two elementary STEAM educators of young children, Katie Blagden, from Beverly MA Public Schools, and Barb Tennyson, from Needham MA Public Schools, share how, using the

ISTE: 6 Reasons for Coding in K-5 Classrooms

In this ISTE blog discusses reasons to start coding early. We couldn’t agree more! 6 Reasons include: 1. It sparks interest 2. It opens up a new domain of knowledge 3. It

How to Learn: Holiday Gift Guide 2019

In How to’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019 they compiled innovative gifts ideas for kids – Toys, educational items, and just plain fun ideas (including KIBO)! About KIBO: KIBO is

Purdue University: 2019 Engineering Gift Guide

We are honored that the KIBO robot is included in the 2019 Engineering Gift Guide from Purdue University after extensive testing. KIBO is included in the Coding category for kids

Urban Mommies: Gifts for Discerning Kids

In this gift guide, Urban Mommies list gifts for discerning kids. Finding the right toys for kids is always a challenge, but they found a “few unique, undiscovered picks that

Hanging off the Wire: KIBO Review

Hanging off the Wire checked out KIBO and wrote the following: “Introducing the KIBO robot kit, from KinderLab Robotics – a unique robot toy that engages even the youngest children

Mothering: Best Robotic Kits for Kids

We are thrilled to learn that KIBO was included in the Best Robotics Kits for Kids! “But our kids are growing up in a different world, and while we work

eSchoolNews: Three Key Trends in Robotics Education

eSchoolsNews describes how spending on K-12 robotics is expected to more than quadruple in the next four years and the reason why. The article (including KIBO!) continues: “K-12 educators turn

Tech & Learning: Best of Show at ISTE

We are thrilled to learn that KIBO was included in Tech & Learning’s awards program that honors nominated products at the annual ISTE conference that took place in June 2019.

The Toy Book: Breaking Down the ABCs of Toys

In this article, Dr. Marina Bers, our co-founder and Chief Scientist was interviewed to discuss the importance of STEM toys. The article goes on to read in part: No doubt,

EdTech Digest: Ba-Boom! EdTech!

Mark Gura, from EdTech Digest, came by to get a first hand look at KIBO during the ISTE Conference. He included his visit to our booth in the ISTE EdTech

Getting Smart: Thinking With Your Hands

In this Getting Smart article Cate Heroman of the Knock Knock Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana discusses how she integrates hands-on STEAM learning at the museum. They encourage kids to

JCDS Nitzotzot: Coding – The New Literacy

In the Spring edition of JCDS’ Nitzotzot, the “Coding: The New Literacy” article describes how they are using KIBO and ScratchJr to introduce students to coding as a literacy vs.

THE Journal: Teaching STEAM without Screens

See the article entitled, “Teaching STEAM without Screens”, where Kitty Rea, from Ms. Kitty’s Harmony Road School, shares how she taught her K–4 students STEAM without using screens to learn

BBC: RoboLife Documentary

In this BBC World Programme Documentary, RoboLife, the reporter, Mariko Oi investigates the use of robotics with young children and the elderly in Singapore and Japan. She sets off to

Boston Parents Paper: Rise of the Robots

The KIBO robot was reviewed and added to the February edition of the Boston Parents Magazine in an article called “Rise of the Robots”. In the article, the author tested

Tech & Learning: What’s New

In Tech & Learning’s What’s New Roundup from BETT, FETC, and TCEA, KinderLab’s new Progressive Guide is included in this summary of new tools for schools. Learn more about the

eSchoolNews: 96 EdTech Predictions for K12 in 2019

In this article, eSchoolNews asked 49 EdTech executives to share their thoughts on their predictions for 2019. Jason Innes, KinderLab’s Manager of Curriculum Development and Teacher Training, joins other EdTech

Tech&Learning: Companies to Watch in 2019

We are thrilled to be listed as one of the educational companies to watch in 2019 in Tech&Learning’s December 2018/January 2019 edition. This guide lists companies offering a variety of

TWIT: Triangulation Netcast with Jason Innes

Watch this in-depth one hour Triangulation interview with Jason Innes, our Manager of Curriculum Development and Teacher Training. Jason speaks with Jason Howell, the show’s host, about teaching STEAM concepts

Thanksgiving: Best Holiday Gifts for Kids

KIBO is included in the list of Best Holiday Gifts for Kids from Thanksgiving & Co. The article reads in part: “It can be tricky, finding your tykes toys they

The Gadget Guru: Kids Tech for the Holidays

KIBO is included in The Gadget Guru’s “Kids Tech for the Holidays” gift guide. “From toys to science and math tech to drones and computer-related items. Kids have it made

Engineering for Kids: STEM Holiday Gifts

Engineering for Kids has posted their STEM Holiday Gift Guide. They list the best and most entertaining gifts for children — and bonus if it’s equally as fun as it

Nothing But Geek: Holiday Guide Guide

Nothing But Geek has released its new holiday gift guide and covers some of the new hot things available for gifts. The gift guide includes items such as movies, TV

The Mac Observer: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The Mac Observer includes the KIBO robot in their 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. The article reads, “It’s that time of the year! Hot chocolate, sleigh bells, snow, and PRESENTS! The

eSchoolNews: 3 Ways to Tell Stories with Robots

See Amanda Puerto ‘s article describing her use of the KIBO robot with her young learners at the KID Museum in Maryland. She uses storytelling to help introduce programming concepts

Report Consultant: Global Cognitive Robotics Market

This new report presents a comprehensive assessment of the global Cognitive Robotics market. The report, titled “Global Cognitive Robotics Market” shares key trends and important market factors in the robotics

SmartBrief: Grow SEL Skills Through Robotics

In this SmartBrief, Inc. article, “Grow SEL skills through robotics“, Bryan Flaig discusses how Computer Science and SEL skills go hand-in-hand. Bryan states, “When working with robotics, I also see

Simba: KinderLab Introduces Robots at an Early Age

Our CEO, Mitch Rosenberg, was recently interviewed by Simba Information. The interview, entitled, “KinderLab Introduces Robots at an Early Age” is featured in their May Electronic Education Report. The article

New York Parenting: Crack the Code

New York Parenting recently reviewed the KIBO Robot and included the review in their New & Noteworthy section. The article reads: “Children have to obediently follow instructions at home and

Edutopia: Computational Thinking for Kindergartners

Robin Ricketts’ (from The Steward School, in Richmond, VA) article “Computational Thinking for Kindergartners” has been published in Edutopia! The article describes fun and playful ways young learners can be

TTPM: KIBO 21 Robot Kit Review

Toys, Tots, Pets & More (TTPM) conducted an editorial review of KIBO. The reviewer says, “There are many ways for kids to get creative with this set, and young kids

EdWeek: Coding as a Literacy for the 21st Century

In this article “Coding as a Literacy for the 21st Century“, Marina Umaschi Bers, our co-founder, Professor at Tufts University, and director of the DevTech research group. describes the new

THE Journal: Finding Funds for Coding Programs

Katie Blagden, one of our customers from the Ayers Ryal Side Elementary School in Beverly, MA, participated in the THE Journal article about acquiring funding for coding products. Read on

Lille Punkin: Review of KIBO Robot for Kids

In this review, Linsey Knerl and her two little boys put KIBO through its paces. “While I understand that screens have a role, I was really happy to learn about

American Scientist: STEM Wish List 2017

We are thrilled to be included in American Scientist’s “STEM Wish List 2017”. They call the KIBO “a Robot Pal for the Littlest Programmers”, which is a fantastic description! See

Educational Tech Videos: Holiday Gift Guide

KIBO was included in the Educational Tech Videos’ Holiday Gift Guide! “Are you looking for some last minute holiday items for your techy child? Below are a few of my

KMAX: KIBO Appears on Good Day Sacramento!

We were thrilled to be on KMAX’s Good Day Sacramento which was filmed on December 9th. Watch our Sales Executive extraordinaire, Jeff Miller show off KIBO on the morning holiday

Savings with Denise: KIBO 21 Robot Kit

Savings with Denise reviewed KIBO. Check out her review here: “The wonderful world of engineering with children and inspiring them to continue their STEM education. We are always drawn to

STEAM Universe: Using Robots to Inspire Creativity

Chani Lichtiger, Director of Technology at Yavneh Academy in Paramus, NJ, shares how her school uses robot-based lessons to inspire collaboration and creativity among her youngest learners. Using KIBO, Chani

The Edvocate: What Robots Can Teach Kindergarteners

Hear from Hannah DeRusha from the Acera Elementary School of Science, Creativity and Leadership in Winchester, Massachusetts, where she describes how she worked with her kindergartners and first graders to

5 Reasons to Include Robotics in Early STEM Education

“During the foundational years of early childhood, children need a playful and tangible way to engage with the technology and engineering concepts of their STEM development. Robotics and computer programming

Should Children Be Taught to Think Like Computers?

“In a kindergarten classroom at the Eliot-Pearson Children’s School, in Medford, Mass., pupils arrange wooden blocks imprinted with bar codes into a sequence that instructs a robot to spin, shake,

How to Prepare Preschoolers for an Automated Economy

Great article about KIBO in the New York Times today, exploring Dr. Marina Bers’ work into the importance of social-emotional learning in early tech experiences. KIBO’s screen-free design emphasizes group

How robots are teaching Singapore’s kids

Excerpt: In a recent morning at Sparkletots preschool in Singapore, Natalie, Bryan and Mikayle, all four years old, knelt on the floor around a machine called Kibo and “programmed” it with

Best Educational Robot Kits

“KIBO is a spectacular choice for young children looking to get their creative skills rolling. It’s mainly designed for children 4 to 7 and it’s used in schools primarily in

Learning to Think Like a Computer

In an airy kindergarten classroom at Eliot-Pearson Children’s School, in the Tufts University Department of Child Study and Human Development, children program with actual blocks. Marina Umaschi Bers, a child

It’s Never Too Early to Teach Kids About Coding

“Last week, some of our 4-year-old students did something really fascinating: They programmed a robot using code. That’s right, preschoolers at Bessie Carmichael Elementary were given a set of instructions,

Robots, Computers, Experts, and More!

KIBO was featured in the Boston Museum of Science’s CS Ed Week activities, and their Sparks! magazine covered the events. “Don’t be surprised to encounter robots throughout the Exhibit Halls.

Holiday Gift Guide Issue 3

The KIBO robot has been included in Creative Child’s Holiday Gift Guide. Learn how KIBO is the perfect gift for your young learner.