Getting Smart: Using Robots to Teach the 4 Cs to Young Students—Without Screen Time

Learn more about how Kathy Hay from Iowa’s Keystone AEA uses the KIBO robot within 23 districts to teach the 4 Cs (Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity) to young students—without screen time! She teaches the 4 C’s at an early age, so students develop skills for the jobs that await them in the future.

The article reads in part:
We serve students ranging from Pre-K through 12 in 23 school districts in Iowa. To teach our K-2 students how coding works through a process of discovery and exploration, we have incorporated robots that can be programmed with little or limited screen time into our introductory coding classes. We’ve been pleasantly surprised that not only has student engagement increased, but that these projects promote the Four Cs: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

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