eSchoolNews: Why Evidence-Based Solutions are Critical for EdTech Buying

In this eSchoolNews article, Jason Innes, KinderLab Robotics’ Director of Curriculum, Training, and Product Management, shares his thoughts on the importance of evidence-based solutions when buying EdTech.

“When it comes to early childhood STEM resources, evidence of efficacy is more than just a stamp of approval. Evidence gives confidence that those products will lead to the buzzing environments we want for our youngest students, full of playful learning, collaboration, and the kinds of concrete engagement that come with hands-on manipulatives.

To create the kinds of early education classrooms we want to see, classrooms bubbling with engaged students asking questions, learning from one another and excitedly helping each other find answers, evidence of effect is critical. In a new and growing field like hands-on STEAM teaching in early childhood, focusing on the research allows you to use CARES Act funding—but more importantly it’s a practical way to make sure that the technology you’re spending your money on actually does what you want it to.”

Jason provides insight into:
– What Qualifies as Evidence-Based?
– How Can I Find Qualified Products?
– Benefits of Evidence-Based Solutions

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