Robotics Research

Early childhood STEM research…We have decades of it and are proud to offer KIBO with the backing of amazing academic and proven robotics research.

Early Childhood STEM Research

Why is it important to introduce coding robots for kids at a young age?

KIBO is the result of more than 20 years of early childhood STEM research, led by Dr. Marina Bers, a leading researcher on early childhood computer science and her research team at the DevTech Research Group. Her research shows specific, powerful, and positive learning outcomes for young learners when working with KIBO.

The greatest return on investment in educational interventions comes when those interventions are made with the youngest learners

Early intervention is the reason why Dr. Bers and her team designed KIBO. Her robotics research shows that even the youngest students can learn sequencing and coding in a fun and engaging, hands-on way, regardless of curriculum.

From an NSF grant to Children’s Hands

National Science FoundationIn 2013, with a dream of improving STEM education for young children with innovative and age appropriate technology based on research, Marina was awarded National Science Foundation grants. From those grants, KIBO was born.

Powerful Learning Outcomes Using KIBO Include:

Improved Sequencing Ability in Early Childhood

PreK-Gr2 students’ performance on standard assessments of sequencing ability improved from 20-35% after an 8-week robotics and coding curriculum with KIBO.

Improved Computational Thinking with Concrete Tools

Children using KIBO performed 27% better on computational thinking than children using screen-based tools.

Counteracting Harmful Gender-Based STEM Stereotypes

After working with KIBO, 2/3 of girls expressed an interest in engineering careers – a rate equal to boys. Girls who completed a 6-week KIBO curriculum were equally as interested as boys at building and programming.

Positive Impact on Underrepresented Groups in STEM Fields

Studies demonstrate successful mastery of programming and computational thinking skills by disadvantaged students in underperforming schools.

Early Childhood STEM Research Published Aricles & Books

Evidence of KIBOs effect exists in the form of numerous published research articles and books by Marina and her team. See below for a listing of Marina’s published research. 

Books By Dr. Marina Umaschi Bers