Popular Science: The Best DIY Kits to Give as Gifts

Popular Science put together a gift guide focused on DIY gifts to provide to kids this year. “For a budding DIYer, there’s nothing like the scent of solder on Christmas morning. Of course, not every tinkerer is ready to design an electronics project. Maybe your future MacGyver prefers to turn pots and pans into musical instruments, “borrow” all your crafting supplies, dabble with programming, or just play with Legos. Whatever type of project interests a maker-in-training, these kits will teach him or her how to build it.”

About KIBO:
The KIBO 10 robot is an educational kit, which researchers at Tufts University developed specifically for younger children (ages 4 through 7). It teaches coding concepts without requiring any screens. Kids build the little KIBO robot by popping in chunky light and sound sensors, wheels, and optional add-ons (like a throwing arm) and homemade decorations. To program it, they line up bar-coded wooden blocks and then scan them in order.

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