Classroom Packages

How many robots do I need for an innovation lab? Which modules should I start with? Does the curriculum cost extra? Wondering which KIBO robot kit is right for your school? Before you decide, you should know exactly what you’re getting…

Teachers working together

KIBO classroom packages are designed to provide you with everything you need to incorporate our coding robot into your lesson plans. Offering multiple robots and accessories, 1:1 teacher training and professional development, hours of curriculum, workbooks, resources and more at a discounted rate (you save 5%), if you don’t see the package you need below we’ll be happy to create one specifically for you.


KIBO Activity Center

For 4-6 Children

KIBO Small Classroom

For 10-12 Students

KIBO Full Classroom

For 20-24 Students
Description This package is for 4-6 students and is perfect for a makerspace, library or small classroom. This package is for 10-12 students and is perfect for a small classroom or sharing between classrooms. This package is for 20-24 students and is perfect for a large classroom or for sharing within the school.


# KIBO Robot Kits 2 5 10
# Engineering Design Journals 6 12 25
# Assessment Workbooks 6 12 25

Training & Curriculum

Hours of Training via phone or web-conference 2 2 2
Activity Cards
Creating with KIBO Core Curriculum
Growing with KIBO 60-hour Core Curriculum
KIBO Activity Center Guidebook
"KIBO Says" Class Programming Game
KIBO Poster
Engineering Design Process Poster
Express Yourself! Add-On Curriculum (KIBO 21 Only)
Showtime with KIBO! Add-On Curriculum (KIBO 21 Only)
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