Coding for Elementary Kids? PreK Kids? Use KIBO!

Break down concepts. Collborate. Explore. Spend a fun afternoon creating something offline with the playful KIBO robot.

Coding for Elementary Kids with KIBO
Group of children learning with KIBO

Bring Coding and STEAM Learning to Life

There are endless opportunities to use coding for elementary kids and PreK kids. Incorporate STEAM learning with the screen-free KIBO robot in your classroom or home. KIBO can be used to help you connect with students, nurture a child’s innate curiosity, and build self-esteem and independence – all while having fun!

What’s more, there isn’t just one way to use KIBO. With numerous sensors, modules, attachments, and activity ideas, young children can spend hours engaging in meaningful play and active learning.

So, how will you use KIBO? Let's get started!

 Download the KIBO Maps, Measurement, and Make-Believe Floor Map Guide!

The KIBO Zoo Activity introduces kids to creative
Robotics & Programming.