Just imagine what KIBO can be! A bowling ball? A dancer? A parade float? A dragon? See KIBO in Action!

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KinderLab Robotics

Meet KIBO! The Playful and Creative Screen-Free STEAM Coding Robot!

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KIBO robot

With KIBO, 4- to 7-year-olds create, design, decorate and bring their own robot to life with screen-free, hands-on programmable robotics – STEAM learning has never been so much fun! Build. Art. Code. Play.

Learn the Benefits of Using KIBO at Home! Now more than ever, parents and caregivers are being called upon to support their children’s learning at home. Learn more about the screen-free KIBO and how this creative STEAM robot provides playful learning experiences. Get your FREE guide!

STEAM Robotics at Home

KIBO provides an age appropriate, screen-free way for littles to learn robotics and coding in a fun and creative way, whether in the classroom or at home.


Engineering & Programming

Lightbulb idea

Problem Solving

Paintbrush art

Integration with Arts & Storytelling

Robotics in Early Childhood

With KIBO, educators can easily incorporate robotics into existing curriculum through creative coding, art platforms and play.

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