Which KIBO?

KIBO is right for anyone who wants to incorporate the element of fun into learning to code and grasping new concepts – all in a hands-on experimental way. But which one is right for you?

KIBO is for Educators Administrators Parents Homeschoolers Clubs Organizations Everyone!

Teachers working together

Educators & Administrators

Educators LOVE to incorporate KIBO into the classroom, makerspace or afterschool programs. With KIBO, young students engage and connect with STEAM concepts in a hands-on, creative way. And KIBO is fun and easy to use for both the student and their educators!

From a single coding robot to discounted classroom packages offering multiple KIBO bots, fun add-ons and extension sets, curricula, and professional development, KinderLab gives schools and districts many ways to bring KIBO to their students.

Parents & Homeschoolers

Welcoming KIBO into your home or homeschool does much more than just provide hours of innovative play. Screen-free robotics teach your children to love STEAM without connecting to the internet – leaving them to their own devices. Creativity comes alive and innovation soars.

Whether you’re teaching your children at home by incorporating STEAM learning, or you simply want your children to interact with more meaningful tech, KIBO fits right in. Your KIBO comes fosters creativity right out of the box. Choose extension sets to take the learning up a notch and give your kids the chance to challenge themselves further. Watch a love of programming develop!

Children with the Mayflower KIBO

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs, museums, vacation programs, summer camps, and youth programs can’t get enough of KIBO and its interactive activities for kids. There’s always something new to build, design, and code when children engage with KIBO. Whether you run a STEAM or Technology club, or simply a recreational program, KIBO is designed to appeal to a variety of personalities, interests, and ages.

What’s more, KIBO is one tough robot! Drops happen, especially when young children are at play. And funding for replacements is typically scarce. That’s another reason why many federally funded and nonprofit programs gravitate to KIBO. Developed with longevity in mind, KIBO is an investment in a child’s future and your own organization’s future offerings.