Tinkercademy: Early Childhood Computer Science Education Observations from Working with Early Childhood Classrooms in the U.S. and Singapore

Coding is the new literacy

Learn how Tinkercademy helps teachers empower students to be technologically engaged with products like KIBO.

Back at university, I took a class called “Tech Tools for Learning” with Dr. Bers. The class was very much rooted in experiential learning, and so we went into a couple of schools to deliver programming lessons to kindergarteners and first-graders with a screen-free programmable robot known as KIBO. Initially, I was unsure of how young kids would grasp concepts like sequencing and conditionals. But sure enough, after some tries, they got it. At the time, I remember thinking about how important it would be to bring these sorts of curriculums to many more early childhood classrooms in the U.S.