KIBO Robotics at Home

Whether you’re a homeschool parent or just looking for a way to introduce coding and robotics at home to your kids disguised as good ‘ole fashioned fun, KIBO is a welcomed addition to every family.

Child putting a wheel on the KIBO Motor Image
KIBO Costume Image

Learn to code without screentime? Yes, parents - it can be done!

While programmatic learning is synonymous with sitting in front of computers and being online, it’s become more of a detriment than a benefit. Aside from the unhealthy amounts of excessive screen time, research has also shown that children are more apt to grasp concepts and instruction when moving, playing, building, and engaging with concrete objects, such as robotics at home.

KIBO is the hands-on coding robot that allows your child to innovate, create, and imagine – all while learning how to code.

Children of all interests and abilities can communicate, vocalize feelings, and express themselves with KIBO.

Welcome KIBO into your home and experience a better way to learn to code.

KIBO at Home = Fun!

Looking for inspiration for STEAM robotics projects you can do at home? Learn how KIBO can engage your young learners, as you connect and collaborate. See first hand:

  • The basics of programming and logic through cause and effect  
  • Unplugged learning that engages the senses 
  • An opportunity to level or level-up age-appropriate learning and concepts
  • Collaborative play with siblings and friends
  • An outlet for expression and creativity
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Make Your Own Makerspace

Welcoming KIBO into your home does more than give your child hours of beneficial play.

KIBO satisfies curiosity, keeps figidity hands busy, and provides and outlet for creativity – turning any space in your home into an imaginative workshop – they dream it, they build it, and then make it come alive through programming and code.

In an age when you can’t pry a device out of a child’s hand long enough to hold a conversation, KIBO stands out by transforming short attention spans into concentrated discovery.