District Administration: 7 Tips for Teachers Who are Using Classroom Robots for the First Time

Helen Schwartz, a 1st & 2nd grade teacher at the New England Jewish Academy in West Hartford, CT shares 7 tips for teachers using robotics for the first time. The 7 tips include:

  1. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your robot
  2. Start with small groups
  3. Make it safe to experiment
  4. Give them time
  5. Start with a few pieces and build from there
  6. Simple activities are great learning opportunities
  7. Embrace the coding mindset

About their use of the screen-free KIBO robot:
“There are all kinds of connections to coding across the curriculum. Students love playing with the robots. I love to help them find those connections to motivate them to keep going or to understand a challenge in a new way.

For other veteran teachers considering robotics: don’t be afraid of it! My biggest surprise during my first year teaching with classroom robots was that I enjoyed it—and so did my students. I knew I was on to something when kids wanted to skip their snack to play with their robots.”

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