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Media Coverage

Posted By christina On August 28, 2019

Robotics Business Review: Back to School: STEM’s Impact on Developing Future Roboticists

This article discusses the state of STEM and robotics in today’s schools. Educators continue to stress bringing robots and robot education into classrooms, but unfortunately for many students, robotics programs and curricula vary across school districts, often heavily dependent on gender, socio-economic conditions, and even racial demographics.

Robotics Business review sits down and interview’s Steve Coxon, Ph.D., an associate professor of the Online Education program at Maryville University in St. Louis, to get an overview of the state of STEM education in 2019. Steve is also the executive director for Access and Achievement at the university. Dr. Coxon’s expertise includes educational development in STEM, alongside the development of robotics curricula and programming for young and gifted students.

Steve mentions KIBO in this exchange:

Q: Many feel that in order to train the workforce of the future, we need to have more workers understand a lot of these STEM-based concepts. Are schools developing these programs at the right age? It seems like most of these programs are started at the middle-school, high school or even college level, and not at the elementary or pre-K stage. Is there a right time to begin with robotics concepts or STEM training?

Coxon: No age is too late, but I believe that it is best to engage students early in age-appropriate ways. Human coding — where a student is the robot and her peers give her commands — is great for pre-school. There are also great pre-school robotics platforms such as KIBO, where students arrange wooden blocks each with a command in written and pictorial form that is scanned by the robot. Students learn numbers and sequencing while simultaneously learning basic coding skills such as repeat loops, and hopefully a lifelong love of robotics.

Read the full interview.

Posted By christina On August 15, 2019

Tech & Learning: Best of Show at ISTE

We are thrilled to learn that KIBO was included in Tech & Learning’s awards program that honors nominated products at the annual ISTE conference that took place in June 2019. KIBO was one of the products selected by an anonymous panel of educator judges, who scoured the exhibit hall floor during the conference in Philadelphia. Read More

Posted By christina On August 13, 2019

The Toy Book: Breaking Down the ABCs of Toys

In this article, Dr. Marina Bers, our co-founder and Chief Scientist was interviewed to discuss the importance of STEM toys. The article goes on to read in part: No doubt, STEM-labeling is a magnet for today’s consumers. But calling a toy “STEM” is no more a guarantee that it’s good for children than plopping the Read More

Posted By christina On July 20, 2019

Tufts Now: Kids Should Learn Coding, Like They Do Math and Reading

In this article and video, Tufts University shares the research from Marina Umaschi Bers, professor and chair of the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development, and director of its DevTech Research Group. She goes on to say: “Coding helps so that we can really think in abstract, problem-solving, creative ways. Literacy isn’t just Read More

Posted By christina On July 15, 2019

eSchoolNews: 3 Keys to Cultivating the Maker Mindset

In this eSchoolNews article “3 keys to cultivating the maker mindset”, two school tech leaders, Megan Haddadi (A KIBO Ambassador!) and Kimberly Fogarty share how they planned their makerspace and are using the resulting maker mindset to inspire creativity and collaboration. Megan Haddadi is the head of academic technology, and Kimberly Fogarty is the lead Read More