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Media Coverage

Posted By christina On March 28, 2019

THE Journal: Teaching STEAM without Screens

See the article entitled, “Teaching STEAM without Screens”, where Kitty Rea, from Ms. Kitty’s Harmony Road School, shares how she taught her K–4 students STEAM without using screens to learn about gray whale migration. Using KIBO, the lesson came alive!

Kitty goes on to describe the planning on this research project during her STEAM camp, which covered science, technology, engineering, arts and math lessons with almost zero screen time. Learn what happened along the way in each discipline during their gray whale project.

She goes on to say, “There’s a big push to use more technology in every school subject, but young kids really can’t learn when they’re just sitting still. Kids need to move. The more they’re manipulating things on their own, the more opportunities they have to become creators. As kids, they don’t need to be tied to a screen with a set of rules. We don’t want them to just be able to parrot facts back to us. Whether it’s technology or the arts, we need them to be able to think for themselves.

Posted By christina On March 27, 2019

BBC: RoboLife Documentary

In this BBC World Programme Documentary, RoboLife, the reporter, Mariko Oi investigates the use of robotics with young children and the elderly in Singapore and Japan. She sets off to find out just what these machines are being used for, why we need them, and what they’re really capable of. The documentary follows Mariko to Read More

Posted By christina On March 26, 2019

The Edvocate: How to Help Teachers Conquer Their Fear of Robots

This article, from Steve Coxon from Maryville University, describes 3 ways to remove the fear of using robotics, including KIBO, with young learners: 1) Student-Included Professional Development (SIPD) 2) Using Expert Coaches In Class 3) Alleviating Common Fears Steve describes: “Teachers are also often afraid that they don’t know everything for which the robot can Read More

Posted By christina On March 25, 2019

eSchoolNews: Designing a K–5 Robotics Class from the Ground Up

The KIBO robot was included in an article from Mike Causey, from Desoto ISD in Texas, who describes the ways he was successful designing a K-5 robotics class. In the article, the educator describes a “sequence of tools” approach to providing robotics for every grade. KIBO in part of their robotic mix for their little Read More

Posted By christina On March 7, 2019

Atlanta CBS News: Children use building blocks to learn how to code

KIBO is featured in this segment, “Children use building blocks to learn how to code” on the metro Atlanta CBS News! You can see the screen-free, fun and educational KIBO robot in action in a classroom at the McKendree Elementary School in Lawrenceville, GA. Hear directly from Dr. Julie Wilkerson and her students on the Read More