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Media Coverage

Posted By christina On June 5, 2019

Education Dive: CTE program pairs teens, preschoolers for STEM learning

Education Dive discusses how Miami-Dade County Public Schools launched a preschool coding and robotics program in some of its child care centers, using high school students to help with the teaching. The older and younger students work with KinderLab Robotics’ KIBO robots — a simplistic coding robot which teaches the first steps of coding.

The article reads in part:
Preschool-age children love to have visitors in their classrooms, especially if they are cool teenagers. Such opportunities can translate into a powerful, and positive, experience for both. Younger students are likely going to be more excited, and more engaged, when taught by high school students. And the teens gain a sense of responsibility by serving as a mentor and role model for younger children.

See the full article.

Posted By christina On June 2, 2019

Getting Smart: Thinking With Your Hands

In this Getting Smart article Cate Heroman of the Knock Knock Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana discusses how she integrates hands-on STEAM learning at the museum. They encourage kids to learn through play using modern technology, such as KIBO, in combination with beloved stories—both old and new. Kids listen to stories every day, so logic Read More

Posted By christina On May 29, 2019

District Administration: High schoolers teach robotics to pre-K students

In Miami-Dade County School Districts’ Hialeah Gardens High School, their students are studying to become childcare professionals. Part of their studies are for those students to teach preschool kids within their child care center. They use KIBO robots to teach preschool coding to the preschool kids. With KIBO, they don’t have to use any screen Read More

Posted By christina On May 23, 2019

Edutopia: How to Prepare Students to Learn by Teaching

In this Edutopia article, Elizabeth Aguila, who runs the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Academy of Education, a high school career academy for future teachers, discusses strategies for having older students teach younger ones. As part of their preschool curriculum, they added a STEAM initiative this past year. Her high school students created lessons to introduce Read More

Posted By christina On May 22, 2019

JCDS Nitzotzot: Coding – The New Literacy

In the Spring edition of JCDS’ Nitzotzot, the “Coding: The New Literacy” article describes how they are using KIBO and ScratchJr to introduce students to coding as a literacy vs. just learning programming and robotics. The article reads in part, “Students learn best when solving authentic problems and engaging in project-based learning. Coding is not Read More