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Media Coverage

Posted By christina On November 24, 2018

The Gadget Guru: Kids Tech for the Holidays

KIBO is included in The Gadget Guru’s “Kids Tech for the Holidays” gift guide. “From toys to science and math tech to drones and computer-related items. Kids have it made these days.”

Hear more about the KIBO robot from the On Air segment from The Gadget Guru/Limpert Tech “SullyCast” on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio.

Take a listen and review holiday tech gift ideas for kids.

Posted By christina On November 23, 2018

Medium: 20 Best Programming Toys for this Christmas 2019

In this holiday gift guide, Agnes Zitte evaluates various programming toys to give as Christmas gifts. Here is an excerpt of the article: “Programming related toys arrived in the market in the last few years, and now it’s started to be a common thing on the shelves for Christmas. I’ve made a list of some Read More

Posted By christina On November 21, 2018

Engineering for Kids: STEM Holiday Gifts

Engineering for Kids has posted their STEM Holiday Gift Guide. They list the best and most entertaining gifts for children — and bonus if it’s equally as fun as it is educational. The article reads: “Enter STEM gifts, the best in edutainment. You’ll love them, your kids will love them, plus in addition to one Read More

Posted By christina On

Nothing But Geek: Holiday Guide Guide

Nothing But Geek has released its new holiday gift guide and covers some of the new hot things available for gifts. The gift guide includes items such as movies, TV shows/TV series, video games, video game controllers, gaming headsets, robotics and so much more. Check out the KIBO listing on Page 15 of the holiday Read More

Posted By christina On November 20, 2018

Robotic Business Review: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for the Robotics Fans on Your List

Check out Robotic Business Review’s picks for some unique gift options for enthusiasts of robots, drones, and vacuums for young and old. The article reads: “Welcome to the Robotics Business Review 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! If you’re a fan of robotics, there’s certainly a wide variety of gift options for the holiday season. Parents looking Read More