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New KIBO Sound Record/Playback Module!

Give your KIBO a voice! Available as an add-on purchase or as part of the KIBO 21 kit.

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kibo-resources-logoCheck out the Experiences section of our KIBO Resources website for lots of first-hand, real-world success stories with KIBO in the classroom and at home!

A Few of Our Customers…

Teachers Say…

Claire Caine, technology coordinator at JCDS, Watertown, MA

The students in my class couldn’t wait to get their hands on the coding blocks that would make their KIBO robots go. The lessons had a true spirit of experimentation – there were no mistakes, just lots of trials, observations, and cheers to get back to work! I wouldn’t be surprised if the future programmers and scientists among them remember this experience as one that sparked their interest in coding and creative problem solving.
- Keri Goldberg, First-Grade Teacher
-PS 321, NYC

Some of the children mastered scanning by themselves. I was really impressed! Especially since we had only 4 mornings to work on programming! All of the parents were so impressed, and daily children were heard on more than one occasion saying, “This is the best camp I’ve ever been to!!!” I had lots of great comments from parents, too.
- Nancy Kincaid, Preschool Teacher
-Suncrest Primary School, Morgantown, WV

“Using KIBO is one of the funnest and best experiences I have ever had with kids. The excitement, the total engagement is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Our young students loved learning something new, loved the challenges they faced figuring out how KIBO works and the things they might be capable of making it do. Oh, the possibilities…! I truly cannot wait to introduce KIBO to our next four pilot classes and to see where it takes us.”
- Randie Groden, Teacher Librarian
-The Memorial School, Medfield, MA

“Some of the children were so engaged that they became the “expert” and demonstrated to others! It was amazing!”
- Cate Heroman, Vice Chair
-Knock Knock Children's Museum, Baton Rouge, LA

“KIBO supports learning in many ways at St. Pius X. Students use KIBO as a tool to think with, as a platform to make and invent, and as a medium to share the knowledge and understandings they have constructed.”
- Cory Roffey, Learning Coach/Technology Coach
-St. Pius X Elementary School, Edmonton Catholic Schools, Edmonton, Canada

“I love introducing KIBO to young students. The design that includes familiar materials such as wood and blocks makes it feel comfortable to the students while the clear bottom allows them to explore the guts of the robot.”
- Dan Riles, Technology Integration Specialist / Computer Support Specialist
-Brookwood School, Manchester, MA

Kids Say…

“Look, look what I did. I made it myself!”
- Child

“It is not a robot. It is something that you can program to do what you want. It is much better!”
- 5-Year Old

Parents Say…

“My daughter loved it because she and her friends created a puppet show and the puppets sang and danced.”
- Parent

“I really was scared and skeptical, and then when my son tried it, I was just blown away with how great everything was and the kinds of things he was able to do.”
- Mother of a 4-Year Old

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