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Posted By christina On February 23, 2018

TTPM: KIBO 21 Robot Kit Review

Toys, Tots, Pets & More (TTPM) conducted an editorial review of KIBO.

The reviewer says, “There are many ways for kids to get creative with this set, and young kids will like exploring all the things they can make their KIBO robot do. This set is well suited to kids in the recommended age range because it’s all about hands-on exploration without the use of screentime, offering an age-appropriate way to introduce some STEM concepts.

Check out the review and video below.

Posted By christina On February 15, 2018

Techstination: KIBO Unleashes Learning and Imagination

Listen in on an interview of CEO, Mitch Rosenberg while at a recent toy event. Fred Fishkin interviews Mitch to find out more about KIBO, why it has been developed, and the history of KinderLab Robotics.    

Posted By christina On January 30, 2018

Tech & Learning: What’s New: New Tools in Schools

KIBO is one of the tools featured in the Tech & Learning’s summary of new tools for schools. The article includes: KinderLab KIBO is a robot kit designed for young children aged 4–7 years old. The KIBO robot kit comes with a buildable robot; 14 programming blocks; three sensor modules (light, sound, and distance); a Read More

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On January 29, 2018

EdWeek: Coding as a Literacy for the 21st Century

In this article “Coding as a Literacy for the 21st Century“, Marina Umaschi Bers, our co-founder, Professor at Tufts University, and director of the DevTech research group. describes the new educational landscape and how coding should be included as a literacy. She continues, “One of the goals of education is to help people think creatively Read More

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On January 26, 2018

Tech Age Kids: The Robotics Learning Tool for 4-7 year olds – Review

The reviewer at Tech Age Kids evaluated KIBO with her 7 year old son. The lengthy review includes images and a video on their experience with KIBO. The reviewer states: KIBO is an open platform that encourages creativity with craft and coding. It’s like a blank canvas that allows you to express yourself. My son Read More