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Posted By KinderLab Robotics On September 19, 2017

IJCCI: The Seymour test: Powerful ideas in early childhood education

In this article, Marina Bers describes her introduction to Seymour Papert and what she learned from his mentorship.

“…Seymour understood the importance of ‘objects to think with’. These objects can help us make ideas concrete, tangible and sharable. They also empower us to have new ideas or to see old ideas in new ways. Objects can exist on the digital screen or on the physical world. The LOGO turtle was both a virtual cursor and a floor-based robot.”

Marina goes on to describe how Seymour Papert guided her efforts in her design of the programming environments KIBO and ScratchJr. When programming KIBO, she designed it to help children code in a playful way so they could engage in computational thinking and encounter powerful ideas. Marina states that she kept asking herself,
“will these tools pass “The Seymour test”?

Read on for the full article The Seymour test: Powerful ideas in early childhood education.

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On September 13, 2017

CBS News: KIBO Appears Live from Kids & Family Tech Expo

Check out KIBO and Mitch Rosenberg, CEO, on the CBS News live from the Kids & Family Tech Expo!

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On September 5, 2017

EdTech Digest: Putting the ‘Fun’ in Fundamental Concepts

Read this EdTech Digest article featuring two educators who share how augmented reality and robots help them make lessons playful. In the article, Amanda​ ​Puerto​ ​​Thorne from the KID Museum in Bethesda, MD shares how KIBO is being used at the museum and states, “By allowing our kids to experiment, design, test, and even play Read More

Posted By christina On August 31, 2017

Tinkercademy: Early Childhood Computer Science Education Observations from Working with Early Childhood Classrooms in the U.S. and Singapore

“Coding is the new literacy” Learn how Tinkercademy helps teachers empower students to be technologically engaged with products like KIBO. “Back at university, I took a class called “Tech Tools for Learning” with Dr. Bers. The class was very much rooted in experiential learning, and so we went into a couple of schools to deliver Read More

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On August 29, 2017

Business Insider: A top engineer says robots are starting to enter pre-K and kindergarten alongside kids

KIBO has been included in another article discussing the value of robotics within early childhood learning. Read on to learn how KIBO and other robotics for this age group promote achievement in basic language skills and rudimentary coding.