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Posted By KinderLab Robotics On July 17, 2017

How robots are teaching Singapore’s kids

In a recent morning at Sparkletots preschool in Singapore, Natalie, Bryan and Mikayle, all four years old, knelt on the floor around a machine called Kibo and “programmed” it with a set of instructions printed on wooden blocks. Each of the blocks was printed with a command — “forward”, “backward”, “shake” — written in English and as a barcode that the robot could understand.

The children started the sequence. Natalie clapped and the others shrieked with delight as the machine wriggled. It had done just what it was programmed to do; hearing the child’s clap triggered its movement. “Again, again,” Natalie and her classmates squealed.

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Posted By KinderLab Robotics On May 19, 2017

Best Educational Robot Kits

“KIBO is a spectacular choice for young children looking to get their creative skills rolling. It’s mainly designed for children 4 to 7 and it’s used in schools primarily in kindergarten. Unlike most other robots that use a screen or require a tablet or some other electrical device for programing, KIBO uses strings of wooden Read More

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On April 4, 2017

Learning to Think Like a Computer

In an airy kindergarten classroom at Eliot-Pearson Children’s School, in the Tufts University Department of Child Study and Human Development, children program with actual blocks. Marina Umaschi Bers, a child development and computer science professor, created wooden blocks that bear bar codes with instructions such as “forward,” “spin” and “shake” that are used to program Read More

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On January 30, 2017

In Rockland, Holy Family School students get with the programming

Eighth-grader Nicholas Gillespsie of Pembroke didn’t used to be sure about he wants to be when he grew up, but now he has a pretty good idea. “A robotics engineer” is his answer now… Read more at

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On December 15, 2016

It’s never too early to teach kids about coding

“Last week, some of our 4-year-old students did something really fascinating: They programmed a robot using code. That’s right, preschoolers at Bessie Carmichael Elementary were given a set of instructions, and with a little time and a lot of puzzling things through, they made a small robot dance.” Read more at