KIBO: Not just child-friendly but adult-friendly too

We recently conducted an in-person survey of parents, teachers and family members gauging their attitudes toward young children and coding. We found that almost two thirds, 65%, of those we spoke to considered it ‘incredibly important’ for young children to feel comfortable with logic and to start to learn programming. Just under a third, 31%, said it was ‘important’ for children to learn logic and programming at a young age.  We couldn’t agree more.

One finding that really resonated with the team here at KinderLab Robotics is that over half (54%) of the adults we spoke to said they were ‘concerned about their own ability to teach children to code.

This is why we developed KIBO. It’s straightforward and accessible to both children and potentially-programming-nervous adults. With KIBO, young children ages four to seven years-old can learn to code while having fun designing and building a robot.  We know – based on 15 years of child development research – that young children learn best through open-ended play. And we think adults do to!

Interested in learning more about how KIBO works? Meet our friendly robot that is so simple you won’t even need to read the instructions (really):