Investing in Coding Robots that “Grow” with Your Students

Public schools are just dripping with disposable funding – said no one ever! The fact is, both public, and even some independent schools, struggle with their annual budgets and stretch the dollar as much as possible to give students every opportunity to be successful. That’s why, now, more than ever, it’s important for early educators to implement technology strategies that go the distance…and by distance we mean “grow” with your student body.

KIBO, our screen-free coding robot, has made a name for itself in innovation labs and throughout the hallways of early education. From Pre-K to 5th grade, the KIBO coding robot adapts to curricula that engages students of a wide age-range. Introduced at the earliest stages of learning, and building upon those learned concepts year after year, KIBO becomes an anticipated part of elementary school projects and activities for kids. From an administration standpoint, KIBO is a worthwhile investment that not only stands the test of time but helps educators with innovative lesson plans that span every elementary school subject. The screen-free aspect of coding is appreciated by parents and teachers who are challenged with ways to keep young children off of devices.

From the moment students as young as 4 years old engage with KIBO, they are acquiring skillsets that will be used throughout their lifetime. With cause and effect manipulations and confidence building persistence, KIBO teaches more than just fundamental concepts, KIBO teaches children to persevere. Throughout the early education experience, KIBO is there, providing more in-depth learning such that adapts to a child’s specific learning style with lessons on problem solving, interactive storytelling, automation all the way to using rudimentary coding for complex languages like Scratch. KIBO moves through the school system as each child matriculates from one grade to the next.

Take a look at the following infographic to learn how KIBO is used in early education and throughout elementary school curricula to demonstrate multifaceted lessons and different areas of learning with a single coding robot.
KIBO for All Ages Infographic

Meet KIBO, a Screen-free Educational STEAM Robot

KIBO, the learning robot designed specifically for kids, offers an inviting, engaging platform for young children to start their journey into creating with code in a fun and creative way. KIBO’s block-based coding language gives children control over the robot’s movements, sounds, and sensors, allowing them to express their imaginations with code. The KIBO curriculum for educators also teaches children to tell stories, create characters, and explore the world around them through code. KIBO is the number one choice in screen-free coding for kids – trusted by more parents and schools to introduce today’s youth to the wonders of technology and robotics.

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