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Posted By KinderLab Christina On September 23, 2021

Integrating Technology into a Preschool Classroom – KIBO Can Become Your New Class Mascot!

We know the first few weeks of school can be a blur so before you get too bogged down by your teacher duties or curriculum purchasing, we at KinderLab Robotics wanted to wish you a heartfelt welcome back to your classroom! Since you are now a few weeks into the school year, we offer some ideas for your upcoming lesson planning.

A GREAT way to hook students from the get-go is to establish a class mascot. While class pets like hamsters or turtles may be the traditional way to go, KinderLab has an exciting, yet proven, way to engage your students while also introducing the basics of STEM or STEAM to your preschoolers. For this reason, STEM robot kits have become increasingly popular and effective in challenging early learners to think strategically and solve problems through planning, designing and building, while having fun in the process.

This is where KIBO, the screenless coding robot, comes in. Teaching with KIBO allows you to introduce the fundamentals of Computer Science and Engineering, all part of a robust STEM curriculum, early. But it can also draw in your preschool students’ attention through creativity and customization. In fact, students can bring KIBO to life by collaborating, brainstorming, designing, and even decorating it to become a class mascot!

Teaching robotics early can have one of the greatest impacts on a pathway toward a comprehensive understanding of STEM concepts by:
– Exposing young students to advanced technology disguised in a simple electronic learning toy
– Engaging curious minds through creative play by thinking “outside the box” and using experimentation
– Triggering critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving through the engineering process
– Boosting independence and building confidence through collaboration and teamwork
– Providing a springboard for applying critical thinking skills in school and in their careers later on

To learn more, we invite you to watch the video, “Integrating Technology into a Preschool Classroom”, developed in partnership between Boise State University’s College of Education and Idaho STEM Action Center.

After you’ve watched, we’re confident you’ll see the value and importance of robotics and its application within your preschool curriculum for your budding young STEM learners.

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