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Posted On May 29, 2019 in Media Coverage

District Administration: High schoolers teach robotics to pre-K students

In Miami-Dade County School Districts’ Hialeah Gardens High School, their students are studying to become childcare professionals. Part of their studies are for those students to teach preschool kids within their child care center. They use KIBO robots to teach preschool coding to the preschool kids. With KIBO, they don’t have to use any screen Read More

Posted On May 28, 2019 in Blog

Top 3 Reasons to Teach Our Kids Coding

We are thrilled to have guest blogger, Katherine (Tori) Lutz, submit this blog on 3 reasons to teach young children coding. She is a recent Florida State University graduate and a current student at Columbia University. Her professional experience surrounds freelance work in the areas of writing, editing and marketing within education. Thank you Katherine! Read More

Posted On May 23, 2019 in Child's Play Newsletter

May 2019 Child’s Play Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of the Child’s Play Newsletter. We hope the school year, quickly coming to a close, was one of great learning, success and fun! In this newsletter, we wanted to share with you our clearance sale. Expand your KIBO use with extra blocks and curriculum at 60% off! A great way Read More

Posted On in Media Coverage

Edutopia: How to Prepare Students to Learn by Teaching

In this Edutopia article, Elizabeth Aguila, who runs the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Academy of Education, a high school career academy for future teachers, discusses strategies for having older students teach younger ones. As part of their preschool curriculum, they added a STEAM initiative this past year. Her high school students created lessons to introduce Read More

Posted On May 16, 2019 in Blog

Robotics in Early Learning – The Engineering Design Process Develops Grit and Perseverance

In the last part of the blog series, we share key reasons why robotics should be incorporated in early learning classrooms. In this blog, we are focusing on Key #6 – The Engineering Design Process Develops Grit and Perseverance! We hope you enjoyed this blog series on the importance of robots in early learning with Read More