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Posted On December 13, 2019 in Media Coverage

National Geographic: Don’t Get Steamed about STEM, Christmas should be Fun

In this National Geographic article “Don’t Get Steamed about STEM, Christmas should be Fun”, they provide STEM Gift Ideas For Christmas, including the KIBO robot! They reviewed toy manufacturers that are providing products for kids for future success and careers. Here are the best gifts to steer kids into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Read More

Posted On December 11, 2019 in Media Coverage

EdSurge: Parents Don’t Need to Be Coding Experts, Just Willing to Learn With Their Children

In this EdSurge article, Madhu Govind and Marina Bers from Tufts Devtech Research Group discuss their Family Coding Days and how, through brainstorming, planning and programming, families gain confidence and interest in coding while working together. The article reads in part: These creative coding projects took place during Family Coding Day, a free event hosted Read More

Posted On December 5, 2019 in Media Coverage

Purdue University: 2019 Engineering Gift Guide

We are honored that the KIBO robot is included in the 2019 Engineering Gift Guide from Purdue University after extensive testing. KIBO is included in the Coding category for kids 4+. The guide is filled with fun toys, games, books, and applications to engage girls and boys ages 3-18 in engineering thinking and design. Items Read More

Posted On December 4, 2019 in Media Coverage

Popular Science: The Best DIY Kits to Give as Gifts

Popular Science put together a gift guide focused on DIY gifts to provide to kids this year. “For a budding DIYer, there’s nothing like the scent of solder on Christmas morning. Of course, not every tinkerer is ready to design an electronics project. Maybe your future MacGyver prefers to turn pots and pans into musical Read More

Posted On December 3, 2019 in Media Coverage

Urban Mommies: Gifts for Discerning Kids

In this gift guide, Urban Mommies list gifts for discerning kids. Finding the right toys for kids is always a challenge, but they found a “few unique, undiscovered picks that the little ones might like”. About KIBO: KIBO STEAM robot – Designed for open-ended play, KIBO lets kids make almost anything – a character from Read More