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KinderLab brings you the latest coverage of KIBO and other exciting news about robotics in early education. Read more about using robot kits for young students as part of a STEM curriculum.

Posted On September 23, 2022 in Media Coverage

Big Deal Media: 3 Ways to Build a Case for (and Win) Early Learning STEAM Robotics Grants

In this blog, “3 Ways to Build a Case for (and Win) Early Learning STEAM Robotics Grants” our director of curriculum and professional development, Jason Innes, shares his thoughts on bringing coding and robotics to young learners to support the development of computational thinking and invaluable STEAM skills. The article reads in part: With millions Read More

Posted On September 18, 2022 in Media Coverage

Try Engineering: The Best STEM Toys

KIBO is included in IEEE’s Try Engineering list of “Best STEM Toys”. We are honored as we were reviewed by the writer and approved her three children! The article reads in part: A Limitless Robot  KIBO is a robotic system that allows you to have full creative freedom to assemble it in any way you want! The Read More

Posted On September 15, 2022 in Media Coverage

Pahrump Valley Times: Manse One of Three Nevada Schools to get Navarro STEM Grant

In this news report, they describe how Pahrump Valley’s Manse Elementary School in NV was able to secure a grant to obtain STEM/STEAM solutions, including the KIBO robot! The won a grant through Navarro Research and Engineering Inc.’s Community Commitment Grants Program which provides funds to schools that can then utilize that money to bolster Read More

Posted On September 9, 2022 in Media Coverage

eSchoolNews: 7 Educators Share Back-to-School Action Plans

eSchoolNews shares back to school action plans from 7 educators, who shed light on their own back-to-school experiences, from early childhood education to STEAM and robotics and teacher recruitment. The KIBO robot is included in the Integrating Robotics and SEL section and reads: “We [Megan Bounit and Barbara Tennyson] both come from schools that use Read More

Posted On September 6, 2022 in Media Coverage

eCampus News: Why Every Preservice Teacher Should Learn Robotics

In this eCampus News article, Why Every Preservice Teacher Should Learn Robotics, Katherine Blagden, Instructor & PhD Candidate at Roger Williams University, describes incorporating robotics with her students preparing to be teachers. “Learning to work with robotics can give elementary preservice teachers skills for all of the subjects they will teach.” The article reads in Read More