Just imagine what KIBO can be! A bowling ball? A dancer? A parade float? A dragon? See KIBO in Action!

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KinderLab brings you the latest coverage of KIBO and other exciting news about robotics in early education. Read more about using robot kits for young students as part of a STEM curriculum.

Posted On December 12, 2020 in Media Coverage

This Mama Loves: Gift Ideas for Kids

This Mama Loves includes the KIBO Robot in this years gift guide. Kids are full of so much wonder and awe of everything around them and when opening a gift from this list, they will have a look of pure joy on their face! About KIBO The affordable new KIBO Home Edition introduces young children Read More

Posted On December 10, 2020 in Media Coverage

Lille Punkin: STEM Solutions Kids Love – KIBO 15 Home Edition

We sent a robot kit to Linsey Knerl to have her and her children check out the new KIBO Home Edition. We are excited to see her review of KIBO, which she shared with her Homeschool audience. About KIBO I’m no stranger to the KIBO line of gadgets, designed by the creative minds at KinderLab. Read More

Posted On December 2, 2020 in Media Coverage

Gear Hungry: KIBO Robot Kit – Hands-on Coding for Kiddos

In this Gear Hungry article, the KIBO robot is reviewed and receives 5 stars! The reviewer found “[KIBO] develops your child’s resiliency, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills – assets that will serve your little one well throughout life.” They also found: “KIBO robot kits for kids teaches modern coding and systems training to children between Read More

Posted On December 1, 2020 in Media Coverage

SC Living: Technology for the Holidays

SC Living provides its 4 choices for technology gifts to give for the holodays, including the KIBO robot kit! About KIBO: “Give the gift of innovative fun with the KIBO Home Edition, a new creative coding and robotics toy for those inquisitive children ages 4–7. Backed by 20 years of research, KIBO will engage everyone, Read More

Posted On November 29, 2020 in Media Coverage

Medium: The Best Gifts for Everyone in 2020

In this Medium Gift Guide “The Best Gifts for Everyone in 2020”, they list the best of the best holiday gifts for families, kids who crave the hottest toys, and for parents who need to get them through the pandemic and to lure kids away from screens. For Kids who Code: “KIBO Coding: KIBO kits Read More