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Posted On July 24, 2019 in Blog

Innovative Ways To Integrate Kids Programming Toys Into Early Education Curricula

“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” Those are the words of the late Dr. Haim Ginott, who was a school teacher, a child psychologist and psychotherapist, and a parent educator. The idea of introducing coding to kids down at the preschool and elementary school level has been made possible Read More

Posted On July 16, 2019 in Blog

STEM Kits and STEAM Robotics in Preschool Education

Have you ever imagined how today’s successful programmers and developers came into the world? The likes of Bill Gates, Linus Torvalds and James Gosling all started showing an aptitude for coding and basic computing at very early ages. There is increasing interest in teaching kids the basics of coding at the preschool and elementary school Read More

Posted On July 15, 2019 in Media Coverage

eSchoolNews: 3 Keys to Cultivating the Maker Mindset

In this eSchoolNews article “3 keys to cultivating the maker mindset”, two school tech leaders, Megan Haddadi (A KIBO Ambassador!) and Kimberly Fogarty share how they planned their makerspace and are using the resulting maker mindset to inspire creativity and collaboration. Megan Haddadi is the head of academic technology, and Kimberly Fogarty is the lead Read More

Posted On July 12, 2019 in Media Coverage

EdTech Digest: Ba-Boom! EdTech!

Mark Gura, from EdTech Digest, came by to get a first hand look at KIBO during the ISTE Conference. He included his visit to our booth in the ISTE EdTech Roundup! He states, “I found myself marveling at how much these kits allow students to do using a ‘screen free’ learning environment.” He also mentions: Read More

Posted On July 9, 2019 in Blog

9 Benefits of Programming and Coding Robots for Kids

Coding is how we interact with computers and what we use to construct and run websites, video games, apps etc. Learning to code means to learn to speak and write in the computer’s language. While this may seem hard, technology is a huge part of children’s life today and it is essential for young students Read More