Extend the KIBO Fun!

When you’re ready to take your KIBO interactions and activities up a notch, we have everything you need to accelerate coding and next level entertainment. With KIBO extension packs and accessories, creativity and innovation never has to end.

Kids Playing with Drawing KIBO Image

There's More Than Meets the Eye!

From one day to the next you can...
  • Change up the look and feel of your coding robot with different costumes.

  • Catapult learning out of this world with a free-thrown arm.

  • Record your own voice and narrate a story or facts with the sound recorder.

  • Draw shapes and numbers with the marker arms.

  • Build up STEAM and take inventions to new heights with LEGO designs.

  • Advance your coding fun with subroutines and random parameters.

If you can scan it, KIBO will do it!

Check out the additional opportunities that await and take full advantage of your KIBO robot today.

KIBO Sound Recorder Image


We sense something exciting is about to happen! From sight to sound, kids illuminate their ideas, motor on ingenuity, and set the stage for anything they dream up. See all sensors and attachments.

KIBO Costumes Images


That look was so 5 minutes ago. Keep things fresh and entertaining for kids by dressing up KIBO! Introduce new skins that keep kids wide-eyed and creative with the ability to draw on and customize different “outfits” for their KIBO.

Marker Extension Set Chain Image


Physics. Math. re.Art. KIBO extension sets keep young minds learning and busy hands moving. Once they’ve got the hang of KIBO, introduce new ways to engage with their robots. Discover cause and effect, logic, physics, creativity and imagination like never before.

KIBO Conditional Blocks Image


Advanced coding concepts are just a block away. Build upon what they’ve already learned with KIBO. Introduce new parameters, coding blocks, and programming cards that offer interesting and progressive activities.