The KIBO Difference

What makes KIBO the best robot for kids? KIBO isn’t just another robot programming kit. KIBO is the ultimate STEAM learning tool for kids, their educators, and familes. Learn more about the KIBO Difference.

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Learn more about the KIBO difference and all the best robot for kids can do!

KIBO offers infinite opportunities for young learners to develop their computational thinking and STEAM skills.

With KIBO, children build, program, decorate, and bring their own robot to life. KIBO is entirely screen-free, as children program their robots with “tangible code” found on wooden programming blocks. This approach is based on 20+ years of research into the importance of providing physical manipulatives which allow young children to engage with abstract concepts like coding.

KIBO is so different – and so important – for your young learners as it is designed to be extended with craft and other building materials, providing a platform for imaginative play, where children develop their computational thinking, and the engineering design process. 

KIBO pulls together constructive play, problem solving, critical thinking, hands-on learning, and more!

So, how can we claim KIBO is the best robot for kids? Scroll through!

Constructive Play

Kids can build upon KIBO with arts, crafts, and creativity! KIBO grows to new heights and depths, and delivers architectural masterpieces or characters that young minds can then program and interact with. And with the Building Brick Extension Set, KIBO can even transform into a moving interactive creation using popular Legos®.

Problem Solving

With KIBO’s programmable wooden building blocks, kids discover essential learning tools such as sequential thought, cause and effect, and more. With the trial and error nature when programming KIBO, children problem solve as well as develop their social emotional learning, perseverance, and determination.

Critical Thinking

When a child wants KIBO to perform a task, they consider the steps that to get it done. These tactical, critical thinking skills are applied when setting up programming blocks in a sequential order. As KIBO performs the comands, the child analyzes the result to determine if KIBO performed as it should. They can try, try again.


Unlike other STEAM/STEM learning robots, the versatility of KIBO provides endless hours of imagination, ingenuity, and creativity. No one KIBO needs to be alike, from the changing of wheels, to the sequence of actions, to the artistic opportunities it affords.

Sensory & Adaptive Learning

One of the best attributes of KIBO are all the different opportunities to use KIBOs senses and outputs – sight, distance, lights, and sound. Kids can explore these senses with KIBO and determine what they want KIBO to “feel”, just as they use their senses!

Fun Activities

KIBO is experiential learning through play. It is this generation’s playdough, Mr. Potato Head, and tinker toys, all rolled into one. KIBO can be a game, an art project, a science experiment, a geography lesson, even an interactive storyteller. With KIBO’s lesson plans and curricula, there are endless ways to bring on the fun.

Durable, Safe, & Tested

KIBO is built and designed for early learners. And kids love to explore, uncover, and dissect. The underbelly of KIBO even has a transparent covering so children can look inside and see and get involved in the technology. It’s made of durable materials that can withstand the activities and oopsies of kids as young as 3 years old.

Backed by Solid Research

Research…we have decades of it. KIBO is the result of 20+ years of research, led by Dr. Marina Bers, a leading researcher on early childhood development. Her research shows specific, powerful, and positive learning outcomes for young learners when working with KIBO.

Screen-Free Learning and Play

It’s a screen-free robot kit! Time to unplug from those devices and play! By navigating away from the computer, kids can physically engage with KIBO through unique activities, lesson plans, and their own imagination!

Purposeful Design

KIBO was designed for PreK-5th graders to engage in STEAM learning, computational thinking, and 21st century skills. And using natural materials, KIBO offers a gender neutral, inclusive design for all learners.

Tested and Approved

KIBO is used and approved 55+ US states and territories, in 70+ countries, and by thousands of children and their caregivers. From classrooms, to museums, to afterschool programs and camps, kids can practice problem solving, critical thinking, and creative problem solving in a hands-on way, while having fun at the same time.

The KIBO Advantage

of Children in 55 US States & Territories and 70+ Countries
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