Getting Started with KIBO

Welcome! We are excited to have you as a part of our KIBO family. Learn about the STEM resources for teachers to get started with the KIBO robot! These resources include helpful curriculum, tutorials, and activities.

STEM resources for teachers

We also have a wide range of fun add-on extensions to expand your KIBO programming fun – attachments to allow KIBO to draw, platforms to build with LEGO™-compatible bricks, and a free throw where KIBO throws, and more. Additional STEM resources for teachers can be found below. 

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KIBO Quick Start Guides





KIBO Activity Cards

These two activities are free samples from our fun Activity Card set. Purchase the complete set at our webstore. Many more free activities are available at resources section.

KIBO Snowplow

KIBO Dancer


Is your KIBO spinning or going backward when it should be going forward? Are you not sure if your KIBO is powering on correctly?

Check out our technical support page for solutions!