KIBO Home Robotics Course

Teaching coding and robotics can be easy with the 3-month KIBO Home Robotics Course. Ignite an interest in STEAM learning with KIBO!

KIBO Home Robotics Guide

An easy and affordable way to introduce coding to homeschoolers

The KIBO Home Robotics Course, designed specifically for homes and homeschools, support parents and caregivers as they introduce coding, robotics and engineering to their children. KIBO is the screen-free robot kit for kids where young learners create, design, decorate and bring their own robot to life!

The course provides a step-by-step curriculum to introduce coding, robotics and STEAM concepts, along with the rented KIBO robot kit. With the 3-month KIBO Home Robotics Course, you can easily and affordably integrate coding and robotics into your home-based learning. Order the KIBO Home Robotics Course today!

How does the program work?

The program fee is $175, which includes shipping. Simply complete the order form below and we’ll send you the KIBO Home Robotics Course package. You’ll receive a KIBO Robot Kit and complete curriculum designed for home use. You’ll also get weekly emails with guidance, suggestions, and activity ideas to support you and keep your child engaged.

After the three month rental period is over, use the pre-paid return label to send the KIBO Robot Kit and curriculum materials back to us. Or, if you and your little learners would like to continue working with KIBO, you can choose to purchase the kit and apply some of the program fee as a discount

What do I get?

The KIBO Home Robotics Course contains the following materials:

  • KIBO 18 Robot Kit: the programmable, screen-free robot at the heart of the Home Robotics Course. The KIBO kit includes the robot, several attachments (motors, wheels, sensors, outputs, and art stages), and 18 programming blocks.
  • KIBO Home Robotics Guide: a booklet explaining the scope and sequence of the course curriculum along with tips specifically for homes and homeschools
  • Creating with KIBO: the core curriculum for you to use with your child. The open-ended lessons and project-based focus are a perfect fit for a unit studies approach.
  • Activity Cards: stand-alone activity cards introducing single KIBO concepts
  • Engineering Design Journal: a workbook to support a larger project with KIBO
  • KIBO Workbook: an assessment you can use to document your child’s knowledge

All together, these materials would cost over $500, but you receive full use of them during the course for just $175.

Complete the order form below to begin your KIBO adventure!

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    Terms, Conditions, and Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I receive with the robotics course?
    For the 3-month duration of the course, you get to use the KIBO 18 Robot Kit (value $530), two curriculum booklets (the KIBO Home Robotics Guide and Creating with KIBO), and a set of activity cards. These materials must be returned at the end of the course. You also receive two consumable workbooks (Engineering Design Journal and Assessment Workbook) which are yours to keep.

    How does shipping work?
    Shipping both ways — to you and back to us — is included in the price for anyone in the continental U.S.! When you are ready to return the materials at the end of the 3 months, you can use the included return shipping label. (Save your box to make it easier to return.) If you need a new label, you can contact us by email. If you live in the U.S. but outside the 48 continental states, a shipping surcharge will apply.

    How does the purchase option work?
    If you’d like to keep your KIBO and materials at the end of the program, that is wonderful! The price to keep the entire kit is $425, a discount of over $100 off the price of the materials. You will receive buyout instructions by email during the course.

    What if I do not return the materials?
    If you do not return the materials within a 10 day grace period after the end of the three-month course, we will bill your credit card on file for the $425 buyout fee. If we are unable to charge your card, we will contact you for alternate payment.

    Does my KIBO come with batteries?
    In order to comply with shipping safety rules, we do not include batteries pre-installed in your KIBO. KIBO requires 4 AA batteries. Please remove batteries before sending KIBO back!

    What if I damage KIBO or the components during the course?
    Normal wear and tear is expected; this is robotics for young learners after all! If at our determination any damage is beyond wear and tear or resulted from mis-use of the KIBO, we may assess a restocking fee to cover the damage.

    Do you clean the kits between customers?
    Every kit is completely cleaned when it returns to the factory, following the cleaning and sanitizing procedures outlined on our Technical Support page.

    What if I have other questions?
    Contact us!