Bring KIBO Home for the holidays! New screen-free KIBO Home Edition makes the perfect gift! Order Today!

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Bring KIBO Home for the Holidays!

KIBO Makes the Perfect Gift. The #1 Screen-Free Coding Toy gives kids years of engaging and fun educational activities that they will love. And best of all – brings a child’s imagination to life. Order Today!

KIBO 10 Home Edition

KIBO 10 Home Edition Priced at only $149, the KIBO 10 Home Edition gives your child all they need to get started learning about coding, programming and motion! This starter kit gets kid underway with playful coding.

  • Their own robot kit, with wheels and motors
  • White board face to draw with the included dry erase marker
  • Programming cards with 10 separate commands
  • Paper KIBO “costumes” to decorate KIBO

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KIBO 15 Home Edition

KIBO 15 Home Edition This edition is priced at $199, and adds sensor modules and additional commands, expanding the engineering and programming options, as well as a wooden art stage to enhance the storytelling and imaginative play possibilities!

  • Everything found in KIBO 10 Home Edition, plus:
  • Programming cards with 15 separate commands
  • Wooden art platform for building, decoration and imagination play
  • Light bulb and sound sensor attachments

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The affordable KIBO Home Edition is the ideal gift, especially now with limitations on in-person school attendance. KIBO keeps children engaged while broadening their horizons with STEAM based learning home. It’s the perfect combination of education and play.

KIBO is based on extensive research about how young children, ages 4-7, learn abstract concepts like coding and the design process — and that’s by getting off the screen and engaging with physical toys, movement, and concrete play. Bring those benefits home to your child!

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