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KIBO in the Home

Playful and Fun Learning with KIBO

Bring coding and robotics into your home or homeschool!

Coding and robotics can ignite an interest in STEM learning for your young learner at home.

KIBO is the screen-free robot kit for kids that lets 4- to 7-year-olds create, design, decorate and bring their own robot to life! Bring KIBO to your home and experience years of creative STEAM play!

I’m Interested! How do I learn more?

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Why introduce coding and robotics?

With KIBO, kids can tell stories, invent games, and explore their interests more deeply through creative projects that integrate coding with arts and crafts. The perfect way to learn – through play!

KIBO in the homeThe benefits of introducing coding and robotics to your young kids:

  • Easy and fun
  • Unplugged learning
  • Levels the playing field with their peers
  • Collaborative play with siblings and friends
  • Encourages expression and creativity
  • Children of all abilities can communicate, vocalize feelings, and express themselves
  • Coding and robots are a fun way to learn to drive home existing curriculum and studies

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