KIBO Dances the Virginia Reel

Contributed by: KinderLab Robotics, Inc.,

KIBO Dances the Virginia Reel! This was a test run of a long dance program. For this dance, we programmed a series of “figures” (circle with your partner, do-si-do, etc) individually, then linked them together into one long program separated by Wait for Clap blocks. This way the KIBOs stayed synchronized; it also represented the role of the “caller” in this type of folk dance, who tells the dancers when to start each figure.

Here are images of the program sections:

For more about KIBO curriculum based on dance, check out “Dances from Around the World” from Tufts’ DevTech Research Group:

Music in video: “Virginia Reel” recorded by Mark Geslison and Geoff Groberg (

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