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Playful STEAM robotics for kids

Screen-Less. Fun More.

Get ready to build, code, create, and explore using KIBO - hands-on STEAM robotics for kids. KIBO provides hours of exciting, imaginative, playful, and social learning experiences.

KIBO connects the arts with computer science through robotics designed for young learners – without the need for screen time. With KIBO, educators bring lesson plans to life, while kids use their own creativity and self-expression to bring KIBO to life. They investigate their world, share discoveries, develop their computational thinking and STEAM skills, solve problems, and much more.

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“The Case for KIBO” Guide

Learn More in “The Case for KIBO” Guide

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Build. Art. Code. Play!





Constructive Play

Constructive Play

  • Build upon KIBO with arts, crafts, and creativity
  • Create architectural masterpieces or characters then program KIBO to come alive
  • Add the Building Brick Extension Set to transform KIBO into a moving creation using popular Legos®

Let's Play!

Encourage Creativity

Creative Minded

  • Decorate and design KIBO with arts and crafts for hours of creative fun
  • Transform KIBO into anything imaginable – A storybook character, cultural dancer, class pet, race car, planet…
  • Learn STEAM concepts through play and creative self-expression

Artists Rule!

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

  • Discover essential learning tools such as sequential thought, cause and effect, and more
  • Develop perseverance through the trial and error nature of coding with KIBO
  • Support emotional growth through determination to get desired results

Let's Figure it Out!

Hands On Learning

Hands On Learning

  • Code KIBO with tangible wooden programming blocks, offering a screen-free experience
  • Reinforce learning through movement, play, building, and engagement
  • Connect programming concepts to concrete, physical objects, in an age-appropriate way

Hands-on is Best!