KIBO Expression Module Ideas

Contributed by: KinderLab Robotics, Inc.,

KIBO Expression Module Ideas

You can use the Expression Module to create new and fun ways to help KIBO communicate! Here are just a few things activity ideas:

— Create flags representing different countries, or come up with your own. Make a flag that represents your school, your town, or your family! If you have several KIBOs, make flags to represent different teams and then come up with challenges so that the teams can race!

— Install the flagpole on top of a stage support and the flag will fly proud. Install the flagpole on top of a motor and watch the flag spin around!

— If you have several KIBOs, install white boards on all of them (install on the “stage support” so the white boards don’t spin). Write a letter on each white board. Then, program the KIBOs to create a word!

— Make KIBO look like a bird! Install the white board (horizontally or vertically) on the flag pole and use a motor so the white board will spin. Tape streamers to the edges of the white board, tape construction paper and put googly eyes on your “bird”

— Insert other decorated materials besides the white board into the “holders” of the flagpoles. You can use cardboard, playing cards, or even a mirror! See what interesting projects you can come up with when you use a mirror.

If you have ideas of your own send them in!

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