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July 2017 Child’s Play Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to the July 2017 issue of Child’s Play!

Summer is a wonderful time in Boston, with everything just a little quieter. It feels like the whole city takes a deep breath after the end of the busy school year. Especially for those on the academic calendar, summer is a chance to reflect, take stock, and make plans for next year.

If your reflections include your experiences teaching with KIBO, we encourage you to share your ideas, insights, and inspirations with your peers! Our KIBO Resources website hosts classroom stories and activity ideas submitted by teachers. Please visit the site and share your own stories to help inspire others for next year!

In the spirit of reflection, it’s been a very busy year for KinderLab! In this issue we take a look back at the three new KIBO modules we’ve launched in the last year. We also share stories from our visit to ISTE 2017 and other KIBO sightings. And, looking ahead, we celebrate the upcoming release of our co-founder Marina Bers’ new book, Coding as a Playground!

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