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December 2015 Child’s Play Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the December 2015 issue of Child’s Play!

We are in the midst of the holiday season, a busy time for an educational technology toy company! We are filling orders as fast as we can take them — and there is still time to order your KIBO before the holidays end.

Amid the busy-ness, the holidays are also a time for reflection and gratitude. I am amazed when I think about how many people have shared in our journey — from our initial Kickstarter backers to our most recent customers. I am so grateful for all of the support, feedback, and enthusiasm which KIBO users have shared with us. Thank you!

In this issue, we have tips on introducing KIBO in the classroom, advice on fundraising from a school which successfully funded a large KIBO purchase through private donations, and some highlights of recent and upcoming events.

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