Introduce AI with a free 5-Lesson Curriculum Unit

Thinking with KIBO curriculum introduces early elementary age children to core concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), through hands-on work with KIBO. Get your free copy!

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Why AI in Early Learning?


Early STEM education, where children learn at a young age about technology, computers, coding, and AI, is the key to giving children understanding and mastery of AI tools. We want students to understand these tools, learn how they work, and think critically about how they can be used to improve people’s lives and communities.

Children think and learn best when moving, playing, interacting with each other, and engaging with concrete objects. Just as engaging with a physical robot like KIBO is a research-proven way to teach young children about computer science, robotics also provides the perfect vehicle for teaching young children about artificial intelligence.

Teach your elementary students how AI works - download the free Thinking with KIBO curriculum!

    robotics coding for kids - meet KIBO

    KIBO and AI - A Perfect Pair

    KIBO, the playful, collaborative STEAM learning robot, provides a perfect – and research-proven – way to explore artificial intelligence concepts in early childhood!

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    "Children today are growing up in a world saturated with artificial intelligence technology. It's never too early to teach them the basics of AI and computing, which is why the AI4K12 Guidelines begin with kindergarten."