KIBO Drawing

Contributed by: Dr. Peter Schaffer

KIBO Drawing

An awesome STEAM project is to make the KIBO draw. This fun STEAM experience opens a door for questions like “what drawing will this program make?” and “what program would we need to draw a particular shape?”

In this activity, kids attach a pen to the back of the KIBO using 5 clothespins as depicted and place KIBO on paper on the floor. And the game was on!

As KIBO moves around, kids can decide if they want KIBO to move in a regular way, e.g. in a square or circle, or drawing something funny. Or you might simply want to experiment! Once kids know what they want KIBO to draw, they then program KIBO with the wooden programming blocks.

Kids test the program and see if it draws as they want. Did KIBO create the masterpiece they wanted?

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