KIBO Drawing

Contributed by: Dr. Peter Schaffer

KIBO Drawing

An awesome STEAM project is to make the KIBO draw.

We have attached a pen to the back of the KIBO using 5 clothespins as depicted below, and scotched plotter paper on the floor (with a surface of approx. 2m x 2m).

And the game was on: as the KIBO turns around it center, you can decide if you want the KIBO to move in a regular way, e.g. in a square, but drawing something funny in the meantime. Or you want something regular to be drawn, e.g. a circle, while the KIBO is not really going anywhere. Or you might simply want to experiment!


Finally, if one is short on paper, testing the program becomes crucial (even without putting the KIBO on the floor), so the question becomes: what would be the correct movement of the wheels if program Z is written and scanned correctly?

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